“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”–Yves Saint-Laurent

Steezsteez \’stēz\ n : style, charisma, esp. that which is ineffably and uniquely one’s own–syn : steelo, swagger, mojo, swerve —see also steezy, steezemonkey, steezemachine, steezius maximus *

It can be refered to as ‘steez’, ‘swagger’ or (you strip it from slang) and simply call it ‘style’. No matter how many slang synonyms come about, style is a classic idea that reflects our current mindset, state, individuality and our freedom. Whereas fashion is formed, style is created & uniquely presented by you.

My closet holds pieces of my prized collection. It is an on-going accumulation of great budget finds, gifts received, passed down items along with a few investment pieces. I like to explore different angles of style/fashion & I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you.

Speaking of style,

*Source: Slang Flashcards by Knock Knock <–they have awesome products!


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