Child of the 90s

This 90s themed ad by Microsoft came out and made me want to pull out my pogs, charge up my tamogochis and reminisce about my troll collection. As an ad, it didn’t serve its purpose of selling a tablet, Internet Explorer or Microsoft as a company. The focus was the 90s–an age of cheap haircuts, Lunchables and dial up internet with the subtle backdrop of Microsoft. Did it shine stronger than an Apple ad? Just about–at least to Gen Y.

It’s  a clever ad since it situates you in a time where Microsoft was a successful web browser while targeting the consumer demographic of  twenty-something-old shopaholics. When the world went online, Internet Explorer shined through and dominated its competitor, Netscape. However now with Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox & Apple’s Safari now, Internet Explorer seems best as a nostalgic browser of the 90s.

This ad didn’t make me care for Internet Explorer. I got lost in remembering how life was simpler when kids played games like Hungry, Hungry Hippo instead of Angry Birds on an iPhone or iPad. It was a time when we had to wait for everyone to be off the phone to go online for only the allotted 30 minutes whereas now we can video call and browse the net all at once. It was a time where our lives were private as we were present in each moment and not taking Instagram photos to share with our  followers. It is believed that technology makes lives easier by making things efficient and fast but it also makes us forget the things we should remember–how simple it is to live without it.

Spiel-ing away,



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